Monday, 21 January 2013

Five Thoughts on Yesterday's Match; Canucks Fall 3-2 in the Shootout

Yeah, the pucks definitely behind you Lu.

    New goalie, same results as the Canucks would drop their second straight in front of the Rogers Arena faithful, this time in the shootout. I will have to confess to missing most of the first period, as I was watching the Patriots get their asses handed to them by the Ravens. Sorry folks, playoff football is just too good to pass up. Even for my beloved Canucks. In case you're wondering, having missed the first period for the playoff game is also why I didn't do a recap. Next time... Here are my five thoughts on what I did see yesterday though.

     1. We Should Give Alexander Edler 30 Million Dollar Contracts More Often: Luckily for me there was an ad break during the football game that gave me enough time to see Edler's beauty of a goal. It was one of those "if he did this all the time he could be a Norris candidate" moments to be sure, as he stops an Edmonton rush dead in it's tracks, takes the puck into their zone and rifles one behind Dubnyk. It was his second goal of the season, and second in two games. That puts him on pace for 48 on the year! Keep it up Edler.

     2. Starting Luongo, Probably Not the Best Idea: I love Luongo as much as the next rational Canucks fan (all five of them really) but his time with this team is all but done. I thought putting him in for Schneider made sense in the season opener, but starting him yesterday not so much. It just kind of belittles the legitimacy of Cory Schneider's ascension to the starting role and we also run the risk of hurting Luongo. That brings his trade value down to the point of non-existent - at least for this season. We've too many needs on this team let our best trading chip get hurt.

     3. How about that Kasquatch? Yes, That Is What I Call Kassian: Last night Zack Kassian had arguably his best performance as a Canuck, and almost got a Gordie Howe hat trick for his troubles. He was all over the ice throwing the body, getting scoring chances and even scrapping with Ben Eager. Good signs aplenty for the behemoth winger. He was rewarded with a few shifts here and there with the Sedins, and made good on a beautiful pass from Daniel in the slot to vindicate the line change up. 

     4. Andrew Ebbett Has To Go, and Soon: It's only two games into the season, but in a 48 game season we don't have time to be patient with Ebbett. He hasn't even registered a shot in the two games he has played, and took a bad penalty last night which was probably the only time anybody noticed him anyways. I know Vigneault has a serious hate on for young players, but I think Schroeder has to be called up while we have this two day layoff. It actually can't get any worse.

     5. Where in the World Is Christopher Higgins?: I consider myself to be one of the biggest Higgins fans in the city. When this guy is on he makes any line he plays on better, and he can fit on just about any line comfortably to boot. You can also count me among the millions of Canucks fans who would love to see him move into Mason Raymond's second line spot. But as for now, he's been kind of invisible on the third. Sure he has one assist, but I'm still not seeing the same Higgins from last season. The one that was first in on the fore check and made his presence felt throwing the body with reckless abandon. I'm sure he'll get it going again, soon enough. I hope.

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