Friday, 26 April 2013

Five Thoughts; Canucks Owned by the Ducks

Or not.
Well ladies and gentlemen that was the last home game of the regular season, and boy was
it a bad one. The two words to sum up this game are boring and frustrating. Collectively, the
Canucks delivered a lack-luster performance. No one wanted the puck, and most importantly no
one seemed to want the win. Yes, the Canucks had a bunch of new bodies in the line-up, and yes
they wanted to get the new players quite a bit of ice time to prep them for playoffs, but even with
that in mind the Canucks just looked like they didn’t care. Now that being said, Anaheim wasn’t
too far behind, but they put in just a little bit more effort than the boys in blue to take the 3-1 win;
and they deserved it. With all that in mind get ready for a lot of criticism in these 5 thoughts.

 1. Snooze Button: If you had the foresight to miss one game this year, this would have been the
to miss. Most of the reason is stated above, but I will elaborate (as is my job here). The Canucks came out with a weak first period, followed by a weak second, and guess what, also a weak third (not counting the last 3-minutes where Garrison sent home a rocket from the point). The Canucks couldn't look less emotionally invested in this game if they tried. What’s worse is no one on the team stepped up to bring life into the game. Nobody went out and tried to make a big hit, or a nice back check, or even on offensive rush. It’s amazing how the Canucks can come off probably their best game of the year against Chicago,
and then have possibly the worst game of the year the very next game. With playoffs looming,
this wasn’t the best timing boys.

 2. Lay it on the line…or not: Both the Canucks and Ducks have their playoff spots secured going
into this game; neither team can move up or down in the standings. So, technically nothing was
really on the line for this game, and holy sh*t did it show! This game didn’t really matter, and
man did the Canucks play with that exact mind set. Ok, this one might be extremely similar to
the one above, but this point needs emphasis. The whole team just didn’t really look like they
wanted the win. Players were making silly plays, making one (or two or three) too many passes,
and like I have stated repeatedly in the past, there was absolutely no killer instinct to go to the
net and just straight up jam a puck home. Come on boys, two games left…

 3. At Least HE Came to Play: The only player on the ice who seemed like they came to play and
wanted to win was the only person who couldn’t supply us with goals: Bobby Lu. His performance was the only one worth noting with a more positive outlook. Right from the get go he was ready to play. He made some great saves, and genuinely looked like he wanted to get that number one spot back. But, nobody
on the team fed off Luongo’s energy; and if the team in front of you isn’t playing great, there
isn’t much more a goalie can do than simply stop the puck. Yes, Lou let in a somewhat “weak”
goal, but given how the Canucks were playing I attribute it to karma. You don’t support a goalie
who is trying to keep you in the game with some offensive pressure; you get a goal against you.

 4. Sorry I can’t Hear You: This was the last home game of the year? Sure as hell didn’t sound
like it in Rogers Arena. Man was it f*cking quite in there tonight. Unfortunately, this is the one
area where Canucks haters have Canucks fans cornered. Compared to the Madhouse in Chicago
or the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Roger’s Arena is a library. Tonight all I heard from the crowd
was one very lackluster “Go Canucks Go” that a four-year-old mute baby could have done better,
and a few “Loouuuu’s” that sounded like an old cat’s fart. Come on fans step it up. It was the last 
home game of the regular season, stand up, shout, cheer, clap, and scream your head off. Fans
have to realize its true what it says in Rogers Arena, the fans are the 7th man on the ice (5 plus a
goalie = 6 on the ice). The fans have to realize that when they make some noise and get behind
their team it can boost the players’ morale. Yes, even if we are down 2-0, making some noise
can benefit our team. Remember this going into the playoffs; I don’t want to have to have this
conversation again.

 5. Long Enough: I have ranted long enough, you have read long enough, and I have said all I have
to say about tonight’s game. We end early today. Class dismissed.

Ross Langill @Rlangill

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